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Do Your Tile Floors Look Grimy? Call JT Carpet Cleaning

Our tile cleaning specialists in North Las Vegas, NV can make them shine again

Your kitchen and bathroom are high-traffic areas. If you have tile floors in these rooms, they'll get dirty easily. Don't spend your weekend scrubbing your grout with a toothbrush - reach out to JT Carpet Cleaning in North Las Vegas, NV for tile cleaning and grout cleaning services. We'll pretreat your floors with a cleaning agent, scrub the grout and finish the job by steam cleaning your tile.

You can also ask us to apply a clear seal or color seal for your grout. This will keep it clean longer. Call 702-609-2901 now to schedule grout and tile cleaning services.

Why is it so important to clean your grout?

While you can usually tell if your grout is dirty, the real grime isn't always visible. Grout is porous and absorbs liquids and bacteria easily. You don't want to prepare food, bathe or wash dishes surrounded by germs. Keep your living space clean by getting grout cleaning services.